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About Me
This blogshop is managed by 3 sisters who have too many plushies at home. All plushies are brand new and authentic. Do feel free to send your enquiries directly to plushiestage@gmail.com or leave a message in the tagboard below. We will get back to you shortly.

Terms and Conditions
1. Goods are only sold to people staying in SINGAPORE

2. Prices stated are in SGD.

3. We offer you the best price, however, we are still willing to negotiate with you if you are really interested. ^^

4. Payment is only available through meet-up or concealed cash at your own risk.

5. We will not be responsible for any lost of money or plushie through normal postage.

6. For registered mail, there is an additional charge of $2.50 required on top of normal postage fee.($1)

7. Meet-ups are only available at Tampines/Simei.

8. Other areas are still available/negotiable as we may be going there someday. ^^

9. Goods are only delivered after full payment.

10. Goods sold are not refundable/exchangable.

11. We will reserve goods for you for the first 24 hours FREE. 50% deposit will be required thereafter.

12. Complete order form at the bottom to order and we will send you a confirmation email shortly.

About Me
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pink Pajamas Rillakkuma (Pillow Bear)
@ only $15 each!
*with tag

(20cm)Pink Pajamas Rillakkuma (Pillow Bear) above

Chip and Dale

Chip holding Heart
@ only $10 each!
* without tag

(18cm) Chip holding Heart

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Royal Plush
@ only $10 each!
*with tag

(14cm) Hello Kitty Royal Plush


Doraemon Holding Donuts( purple & orange)
@ only $10 each!
*without tag

(19cm) Doraemon Holding Donuts

Toy Story

Japan Disney Sega Toy Story Alien
@ only $16 each!
*with tag

Japan Disney Sega Toy Story Alien

Friday, December 31, 2010
Charcters Tails!

Japan Disney Sega Characters tails(boxed in red)
@ only $5 EACH & $9 for BOTH
*with tag

(12cm)Japan Disney Sega Characters tails above

Thursday, December 30, 2010
mickey and friends!

Concave Boron mickey
@ only $8 each
* without tag

(18 cm)
Concave Boron mickey above

Japan Disney Sega Mickey Fluffy Mirror
@ only $5 each
*with tag

(8cm) mickey fluffy mirror

Japan Disney Sega Strawberry Mickey
@ only $18 each!
*with tag

(40 cm)
Japan Disney Sega Strawberry Mickey

Japan Disney Sega Mickey Keychain
(boxed in red)
@ only $5 each
*with tag

(6 cm)
Japan Disney Sega Mickey Keychain (boxed in red)


Baseball stitch
@ only $10 each
*with tag

(baseball stitch above)


@only $10 each
*with tag

(stitch above)

Pooh and friends

Winnie the pooh and friends beanbag keychain
@ only $5 each. 2 for $9.
*with tag

(7cm)Winnie the pooh and friends beanbag keychain above

Limited Edition White Pooh
@ $8 only!
*without tag

Limited Edition White Pooh above

Fruity Pooh from new collection
@ $10 only!
*with tag

(18cm) Fruity pooh above

Dragon Pooh from 12 zodiac pooh collection

@ $10 only!
*without tag

(18 cm)Dragon Pooh from 12 zodiac pooh collection above

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